First Zero Waste international meeting


Cluj Napoca – 19-20th October 2012

We welcome you to join us at the first Zero Waste international meeting organized in Cluj Napoca, from 19th to 20th of October 2012, for the launch of Zero Waste movement in Romania.

The event aims to bring together national and local stakeholders including activists, waste experts and operators, ecodesign specialists, city planners and architects, public authorities, policy-makers with the participation of international observers.

One of the main objectives of the meeting will be to set up solid grounds for collaboration between all the main stakeholders in order to create long term sustainable change. In this context, the industry must rethink and redesign their products in order to be repairedreused and/or recycled. Also, local municipalities could ease the implementation of the Zero Waste system through supporting legislation.

Presentations will highlight concepts such as cradle to cradle, circular economy, ecodesign and extended manufacturer responsibility promoting the 5 R’s: Rethink. Redesign. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

To check the programme of the meeting, please see the event’s Agenda.